Ketogenic Success Story: Freida Smith

What happens when you grow up in the south and traditional food shapes those formidable years? You develop a taste for fried food, good old southern baked delights and sugar and lard in everything! It creates a craving for carbs that goes beyond comfort food, this is home cooking. The things that make you feel…

Athletes & Ketogenic Diet

Are you an athlete at any level and considering what type of diet you should be consuming to get the most out of your workouts? I’m going to suggest a fantastic movie that you watch showing how the main stream “carb loading” for optimal performance is probably not your best option anymore. Science plays a…

Low carb for BEGINNERS

Friends will help you, and encourage you on your journey… these are life’s true blessings! This is the beginning of  the newest version of YOU! Congratulations on the first step! This is simply a grocery list and meal suggestions for those of you who are interested in trying a low carb high fat diet. This…

Ketogenic Friends

If you are visiting this site and are interested in joining a resourceful ketogenic community of friends stop over at my facebook page and leave me a message, I’ll add you to the secret page from there. The page is secret so people can speak freely about their diet and not feel pressured by the…

Testing for Ketones

The big question seems to be “Is testing for ketones necessary?” This depends on how hard core ketogenic crazy you have become. I have  traveled the ketogenic highway and bought the souvenirs lol. Generally you can judge whether you are in ketosis or not simply by looking at your food journal. If you are keeping…


Jimmy Moore and Adam Nally can walk you through the Ketogenic Diet in their podcast

Keto Web Links

Andreas Eenfeldt is a huge resource for the Low Carb High Fat community! Check him out!

This is me:

Hi! I’m Melissa but you can call me Lissy. I am a food (sugar) addict who currently weighs 197 pounds (at this writing) down 52.4 pounds! -The reality is I really didn’t want to reveal my weight. WHO DOES!!! But if you are reading this, and you are on the same page as me or…

Get these books:

Educate yourself so you understand what exactly you are doing and WHY it’s worth doing!

Keto Thanksgiving

A Holiday!! This doesn’t mean you don’t get to eat amazing food!